Forex Trading For You -Actual Results – Fantastic – 8-16-17

Completely Passive Is My Preference – You Can Choose The Do  It  For You Service and You Can Choose To Be Active  As Well

Achieve Your Goals With A Proven Process for Success

I have two primary businesses that take most of my professional time. I am pitched new opportunities all the time and generally pass all of them because they require time.

A short while ago I was introduced to a financial platform by a man I know personally and highly respect. While all the information was exciting, the one thing that caught my attention was the do it for you part.  I could see where I did not have to do anything if I did not want to.   I joined.

Results As of August  16,2017  This Will Be Updated Regularly.
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On June 8, 2017  I started tracking my results daily. Today is 69 days later and my return is 55.5%. Technically the return is higher. I am using simple math to calculate the return. That 55,5% is my return for 69 days. Since this is trading platform there cannot be any guarantees this trend will continue.  Yes the trend could change and with that it could be better.  Today my account balance is $3,175.

Please note this is all done for me based on how I set up my account.  The  only time I spend on this is updating my information and sharing that with people to encourage them to see if this makes sense for them.  The minimum you need to get started is about $350. To set up your account like I have you will need $1270.

For my complete account on Excel Email me In the subject  line write “Show Me Steve”

For more information on the Company and services Please visit

​If this interests you I will help you through the complete set up process. I will  make sure you are setting it up correctly. The big items are  to use the name exactly as it appears on your credit card and you have two items to verify your ID Those two items are your drivers license and a recent bill with your name and address on it. All this information must match. Remember you are setting up an account with a trading platform broker and a trading platform for trades. If you follow the instructions then the set up will be easy and you only have to do this once.

One Final Point 

My results are from using a specific company expert.  You will need $1000 minimum in your account to use that person.  This is Forex trading for you if you follow what I do.  The services include a Forex academy and more if you want to learn trading . It is not cryptocurrency.

I am very happy I decided to do this. That is real money in my own broker account. The money is not with the company. The money is yours and is with a qualified licenced broker. There are many to choose from.   It is exciting and I hope you decide to take a close look to see if this makes sense for you.

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Steve Pohlit

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Top 1% Market The Top 1% Except This One Where Anyone Can

Elite homes, cars, private jets, yachts and more are all marketed by the Top 1% marketing people. They have the right look,  connections, education, experience to close high end products.

Take and look you can introduce the best medical device in the world for improved circulation and I will show you  how today!

Please carefully consider the  medical device I represent:

  • This is an elite product without the elite pricing
  • No Competition
  • Works 100% if the time
  • Built to last much more than 10 years
  • FDA cleared for class 2 approval
  • 20 year successful track record
  • Used  by way more than 1 million people in over 40 countries
  • Safe  very  beneficial for everyone’s health

——- There is a lot more!!

People of all ages, from all walks of life are successfully introducing this device to others with great success. 

Why not contact me today and find out how easy it is to join my team and begin making a difference in the  lives of others.


Steve Pohlit
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Make Money From Your Phone Not Selling Anything – In Less Than 30 Minutes A Day

In my entire business career I never imagined me writing a headline like this one” Make Money From Your Phone Not Selling Anything – In Less Than 30 Minutes A Day”  I have seen so many pitches like this and there was always some catch that just meant it was not going to happen, I just did write that headline because I know now it is true.

I was introduced to a company that said:1.  I would have to do nothing to make money or, 2. I could do a little bit and make more. Finally there is option 3 – I could also go through their training program and learn to do what they do.

I wanted no part of number 3 as I am busy enough with businesses that I love. Then they said we will prove it to you by giving you a demo account which means I can see the impact of live transactions but I  am risking none of  my own money.

Note I cannot guarantee results. The results reported here are my actual results. The average results reported by the company  are actual numbers. Do people lose money? I am sure they do and I  will bet they do not follow the expert guidance.  

I was intrigued and decide to see if this was true. After paying a modest registration fee to access their technology I set up my demo account. The fees to get in range from $149-$235 depending on what is selected. I chose $235 because that is where I have access to the “do it for you experts”  Wow I am glad I did that

I set my demo account up for $50,000 In five days my account is up as I type this $10,000. Let that sink in.  I have had fun with this especially since it takes very little time.

Another Note: I know very little about trading Forex.  Will I learn more – maybe but with these systems I leave it up to the experts and love it 

I am getting ready to fund my live  account which means I am preparing to be involved with my own money.  I can use a credit card to do that. I do not advice you to do that if you do not have at least some play room on your card.

The way their  system works is all risk is closely managed. Can you lose? Yes I have lost on some transactions but the gains have far outweighed the losses.  Biggest thing for me is I am developing the discipline to just follow the system which is important when I activate my live account.

Here is a practical reference point for you. Based on past experience Starting with $500 in your account you  are likely to make $350 on that in one month. If you are able to do $5000 then your forecast is $3500. Yes there are people coming in with $50,000 and more.

Next Steps

  1. Watch this video


2. The best way to understand all this is to get started. if you are ready to set up your demo account – There are a few steps involved and I can help you with that The first step is to select your package (I highly recommend the pro package that is where you get the do it for you programs) and register Just Click Here 

Contact me with questions 

Steve Pohlit. Managing Member
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Possibly The Most Secure Most Valuable Business Model On The Planet

Time To Be Great, LLC (TTBG)

Time To Be Great LLC is the  name of our company or TTBG.  The time is now as many businesses operating  in the traditional fashion are not working very well.  Just today a report was published stating that in major metro markets more businesses are closing than opening for the first time ever. On the same day I sent the first draft of our business summary to my partner for review before it is sent to those interested who have  signed an NDA or non disclosure agreement. This article offers the main features of our business as our goal is to attract more who are interested.

TTBG Defined and Our  Foundation Principles 

TTBG is an innovative business development platform that solves the problem of people and companies that have assets with substantial  value and inadequate liquidity (cash)  This uniquely  valuable  business model operates with very few absolutes. The few include:

  • TTBG controls the asset and the deal
  • We only do business with people we know and want to work with or who come highly referred and pass our vetting.
  • Before an asset is assigned to our control, there is a notarized memorandum of understanding that includes the terms and conditions a preferred member in our company first. Once done the asset is assigned and we proceed to the capital raise phase.
  • Sources of funds for our assets already assigned to TTBG or to be controlled in the future are highly  secured by our assets and by the shares of the  preferred members assigning the assets to our company. There is another additional benefit:  a person participating in the funding that is liquidity for our assets is also a preferred member. They in essence have preferred stock. All are  defined with a notarized memorandum of understanding prior to the funding.  The value of that funding  position is determined by the value of our company  which already  is increasing rapidly and the time the funds are deployed.  There is 100% vesting in 4 years with an incremental calculation monthly.  Founding members are already experiencing a growth rate far in excess of 100% on an annual basis.
  • We honor all referrals for assets and funding with a lucrative appreciation fee of 5%. Consistent with our core value of all active with our business we ask that a minimum of $5,000 of referral fees earned be retained in the company as a preferred member. This is not a requirement except if a person referring us business declines, no additional  referrals will  be accepted from that person.

Near Term Priorities 

We are  in the next phase of connecting with potential preferred members interested in funding liquidity for the assets already controlled by TTBY Our interest in valuable assets including real estate, manufacturing, retail, more that need liquidity is ongoing.  We have a unique aspect of our model for realtors.

Contact For More Information 

Steve Pohlit . Managing Partner
Time To Be Great, LLC
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How Thousands of Hours Over 17 Months of My Time Can Literally Change Your Life

How Thousands of Hours Over 17 Months of My Time Can Literally Change Your Life

17 months ago I began learning about about the body.  I thought I already knew a lot as I am a person who has been very focused on health and wellness most of my life.  I don’t know when I realized it but I came to understand that no matter how much wealth I achieved, none of it mattered if I was seriously ill or dead.  Thinking about that I said I don’t even want to have a cold. So now you understand the reason for my focus on being healthy.

This article is about encouraging you to join my team.  Note: because this is an information share approach. If you love what you are doing  you don’t  have to change that to be on my team. I will show you how to introduce this life enhancing technology and leverage the team so that in very little time you will be building your own team of customers and partners.  From personal experience there is nothing more rewarding than knowing you helped another improve their health.

I Was Shocked To Learn The Facts The Medical Community Largely Does Not Know.

In September 2015 a friend called me and asked me if I would take a look at some information he wanted to send me and that was the start of my education  about our circulatory system. I learned that most medical professionals do not generally know how our blood circulates in the micro vessel or  capillary system.

I Am Amazed That This Technology  Has Been Known For More Than 18 Years

Internationally scientists have been looking at the increasingly rates of success using this technology  back as far as 18 years and in the US we hardly know about it. That is changing  and those who join my team now will experience significant health and financial benefits.  This is not an MLM compensation structure.  It is actually much better and I am happy to show you why.

When You Join My Team You Will  Have 17 Months of My  Experience and I Will Give You My Fast Start To Success System So You Can Help Others Experience Better Health  Energy and  More

This is so new in the US that when I started I had all the support that was available. Nearly all leaders where from other companies and still figuring out what would work best for us in America. So I learned about the results of what people were experiencing and then why. I then had to figure out how to connect those dots. The major challenge I had and still do is the restrictions on what I can say in a public forum like this.

Have I figured it all out? Certainly not but here is what I can tell you.  First when you are at the point where you understand how valuable this  system is for your health then I will work with you on many ways to share the message.  You will not have to originate the information because I have the messages – emails, articles, videos and most important of all you have my experience and the experience of my network that is tremendous.  All of these resources are part of my Fast Start To Success System and you get it when you join my team.

My Team Does Not Sell Anything. We Simply Share Information.

People are largely misinformed about about what really works to improve our health. Most have part of the formula but few have the complete picture.  We close the information  gap and introduce people to a very important component for restoring energy, mental  clarity, REM sleep and much  more. I refer to this process as educational marketing.  First we share with people the facts about our blood circulation system then we show them why the FDA approved Class 1 medical device we represent works so well to help them.  Once they see how valuable this is and understand there is nothing else in the world like it, most become even more interested

Three Major Things Will Happen For  You When You Join My Team and Use My Fast Start To Success System

  1. Your health will improve
  2. You will be making a significant positive difference in the health of others
  3. You will be rewarded financially. Some are experience significant financial success  quickly

Next Step Is Easy – Contact Me 

Steve Pohlit, Independent Distributor
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Important Differences Between MLM and Direct Sales Business Models

I have learned many valuable lessons from the MLM industry including:

Networking skills
Marketing on line and off line
Communication skills
Leadership training
Team building

MLM companies have minimum monthly purchase requirements to remain qualified and there can be high turnover in the organization since the average length of time a person stays in an MLM company as a distributor is generally short.

Today the business I represent is a Direct Sales model with affiliate, management and leadership compensation components.  The following are the reasons I prefer this company:

First there is now other product on the market that can compare to the results people, plants and animals get with the product I represent. In fact, everyone I know who owns this FDA Class 1 medical device says that if there was no business model attached to this company and product they would absolutely still own it and recommend it to others.

Once owned there are no additional monthly purchases required to remain in the business. In fact there really are only a couple items you could buy if you wanted them.

When a person rank advances in the system they are qualified for life.  When you understand the management and leadership components of the compensation plan you will see how this business is delivering residual income.

If you are not interested in building a team, it is realistic to earn a very nice income marketing direct to customers.

This truly is a business that is great to be part of for life.  If you would like more information please contact me at your convenience

Steve Pohlit
Independent Distributor
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How Grant Cardone’s Playbook Helps Me Build My Team

Grant Cardone Playbook

Grant Cardone is a dynamic leader and mentor totally focused on guiding people to a level of success they had not considered possible. The Playbook is one of his tools and one  I use in supporting the achievement of my goals which are to a great extent founded on me building and develop my teams.

The first steps I take with the resources I use are to refresh, relearn, and adopt the key success strategies and actions that form the foundation for achieving my own goals. Those are a combination of my own experiences that are updated and refreshed by studying progressives like Grant. Then I begin strengthening the teams I am building through demonstration and training  the main points that will help them.

In my current business models. I use a combination of vision, goals, actions, demonstrations to attract people who align with what I am doing, I am working toward the greatest good for the greatest number of people. The doors to my team for the medical device I represent are wide open. The doors to members for the business development platform are also open.

You are invited to take a closer look to see if working with me and one or more of my teams  makes sense for you

Thank you,

Steve Pohlit

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Comparing Return on Investment Opportunities

There are many business models and each one requires due diligence. Due diligence includes the evaluation of the capital and work involved in comparison to relative risk and return.

Several examples in the first video have predictable results. The other examples in video one and then video two are illustrative where the actual results will be better or worse than presented.

These videos are not investment advice. They are intended to be educational as it has been my experience the concepts presented are often ignored. Several examples illustrate my preferences. However my preferences do not constitute recommendations. Each person is responsible for their own due diligence and decisions.

I am looking forward to your comments and questions

Steve Pohlit
Independent BEMER Distributor
Real Estate Investor