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Your Own Profitable Business Can Begin Right Now – Results Guaranteed

“Your Success –Is My Business” tm

Build Business ProfitsIf you are in a job where you are looking to supplement your income or maybe you would really like to move on and be in your own business then please consider the ideas in this article. These ideas are based on actual results that I am experiencing as well as people I work with. My main recommendation is guaranteed to get you in profit in 2014 with your first meaningful earnings as soon as 90 days but most likely 180 days.

There are many promises on line. Just this morning I read a promotion for a conference call where you will learn how to make $2,000 per day. In all fairness this is possible. Most likely the show will lead you to buying some program. Often the content is good. I have many courses where the content is very good. They still fall into the category of “over promise and under deliver”

Guaranteed Results Building Business Profits Fast

If you are in business I will coach you on growing that business to achieve mutually agreed upon targets within agreed upon time frames. Doubling sales and more than doubling profits in six months or less are common targets. If I accept you as a client, I guarantee the results. Of course you need to do the work.

Guaranteed Profitable Business Results New Business .
Start your own real estate investment firm and be in a profitable deal in 90 days or less. Then flip that deal and be in profit in 90 days or less after that. I will coach you and guarantee you will be in a profitable deal that will more than pay for your coaching program. You do not need the money to buy the real estate. You do not need good credit. You may have even filed for bankruptcy. I don’t care. What I do care about is you being willing to work, follow instructions and you are ethical. Click Here for the detailed article I wrote about this incredible opportunity. There are many people out there holding seminars, selling courses and coaching on how to make money in real estate. I know of only one other firm who is offering a coaching program and guaranteeing you will be in a profitable deal.

Recommended Businesses Especially For Those Very Inexperienced in Business and Marketing

Building Business Profits FastIn my book Building Business Profits Fast I talk about the valuable lessons I have learned from companies in the Network Marketing Industry. The one rule I have now is promote those companies marketing products that a lot of people are already using and using a lot of those products. This is why I continue to recommend the healthy coffee and tea product line of Organo Gold and the greeting card business of Send Out Cards. What I really like about both these companies that even if you decide not be an active business builder you will love using the products personally.

The Time To Get Started Is Now

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May your success exceed all your dreams and desires

Steve Pohlit, Business Coach and Consultant Steve Pohlit, Business Coach and Consultant

Steve Pohlit

The Exact Steps To Building Sales and Gross Margin

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The Exact Steps To Building Sales and Gross Margin

You must first know the customers and products that account for 80% of your sales and profit. Please note that this required in-depth analysis of product sales and gross margin by customer. For some companies they may have a select number of customers that account for a large percentage of the revenue but do not account for the same percentage of profits.

Once you have this data then it is a matter of implementing programs to increase sales (see bonus below). Do not ignore gross margin. You cost of delivering a product or service to a customer could possibly be reduced with a resultant increase in profits, pricing may need to be adjusted or both.

Bonus Note: There are only three ways to increase sales:

1) sell more to existing customers
2) increase the transaction size of sales to existing customers and,
3) acquire new customers.

Also please note that increasing sales does not mean that profits will increase at the same rate or at all. For example, it can cost you more in the first year to acquire a new customer than that customer brings in first year profits. If that is the case you might be asking why would you do that. You might do that if the lifetime value of the customer exceeded the cost of acquiring that customer by enough of a margin to make it worth you time, money and energy.

Recently I completed this exercise with a client and directed the sales manager to schedule a meeting with the largest customer. The purpose of the meeting was to negotiate higher prices. The meeting was successful and the client realized an immediate benefit to profits as a result of this work. The effort was then extended to remaining customers and this client went from a break even profit model to earning 7-9% net income before tax on sales volume of approximately $12 million. Does the process work? It works every time.

Steve’s Law of Growing Market Share Part 1:

If You Use Half The Tools Available For Growing Sales and Gross Margin You Will Be In The Top 20% of Companies In Your Industry As Measured by Annual Sales Growth. 

Steve’s Law of Growing Market Share Part 2:

If you use 90% of the tools available to you for growing market share and profits, you will achieve elite status. If you consistently use those tools each day, week and month, you will maintain elite status and be healthier and happier along the way.

May You Achieve Success Beyond Your Most Amazing Dreams

Steve Pohlit,
Business Development and Real Estate Investment Coach
Managing Partner,
Steve Pohlit International LLC


Must Watch- Secrets of Hiring People

The Truth

I was introduced to Meir Ezra in November 2012 I began working with him directly in March 2013. He always shows me what he is teaching is correct –always

In my experience the most important asset in any business is the people who help you. This video is titled Secrets of Hiring People. Remember the people you work with do not need to be on your payroll. I work with many people who work to grow business ventures. Some are deal partners. One is an equity partner in everything we do. Another is an equity partner in a narrower niche and rapidly growing to be a equity partner in the holding company.

All that Meir is teaching I am applying as fast as I can. Watch this then below click to register so you know about all the upcoming seminars. Do it now –seriously NOW

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Much Love and Many Blessings Flowing Your Way