CVS Stops Sale of All Tobacco – Does Not Make Sense Here Is Why

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CVS today announced they would no longer sale tobacco products in their stores because they are a health store. Based on that definition they should close their stores. Take a look starting with the Pharmacy. The Pharmacy is a legal drug dealer. Most of the products there are prescribed by doctors who are not promoting health they are fixing a specific issue based on a protocol from the pharmaceutical industry.

Let’s move to other categories in the store starting with snacks and food. Do you think soda, beer and wine are health products? What about snacks like chips and cookies? Are they health products?

Continuing, take a look at beauty care. Look at the ingredients in hair color, make up, skin care and more. Do you think those are products that promote health.

Understand I am not against what CVS or any other convenience store sells but you cannot come out and get publicity with one category by saying you are a health store and ignore all the other products offered that are opposite that theme.

If CVS does have strategy to be health store then my advice is to create a separate brand for the message and product offering. There are some great examples of companies that primarily offer organic foods, healthy products and services. Soon CVS will be announcing massive layoffs like Dell, Radio Shack and others and blaming Obamacare. There is nothing good about Obamacare but many of these companies need to be taking a close look in the mirror and remember this phrase when doing so “I am responsible”

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