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Networking Results in Just Two Days – High ROI

Networking Is The Number One Action I of My Build Business Profits Coaching Program

“Results Guaranteed ….Your Success Is My Business tm”


This is a big thank you to Larry Horbolt’s weekly meeting for real estate investors – new and seasoned.  Monday night there was an in-depth discussion on the rules and regulations related to tenants. On of my real estate deal partners has developed a very good real estate turnkey business and part of that model involves having a qualified tenant in the property. Well I learned a great deal about what we need to be paying attention to and while my partner knows many of these things we need to have a very tight control system in place for this part of the model. Now we will.

I had not been at this meeting for more than a year because of a heavy travel schedule plus lame excuses. I will never know what I missed. I guarantee you I will be at more of the meetings going forward.

Bonus: at the Monday meeting I learned about a Tuesday meeting near my home with a topic of high interest.  Read on….


Ellen Petracco who is a real estate agent and property manager with Value Properties of Central Florida  was at the Monday meeting and handed out flyers for the Tuesday meeting at her company’s office.  The featured topic was Social Media Marketing and SEO by Ginger Rocky-Johnson – The Spice Girl of Tampa Bay

I consider myself to be very experienced with these subjects. However I am not an expert. Social media marketing represents tools that I advice clients on using as part of the actions steps for Building Business Profits With that I did not have expectations of learning a lot new.

To My Surprise, I Learned A Lot of New Stuff For Me About Social Media Marketing

Ginger was helped by her daughter who works with her and they did a terrific job of providing very valuable information. I will soon write another article highlighting the primary things I learned.

None of  These Great Lessons Would Have Happened Had I Not Gone To These Networking Events

…..and I met a lot of great people including people who may help me further grow my real estate business and coaching.

Thursday Coaching Advice

Like all other marketing, it is very important to evaluate your networking return on investment.  In most cases networking investment is measured in time. You time is your most valuable asset.  If you are continually going to the same meetings and events and not growing your business income as a result then you need to look at who you are networking with assuming you are networking effectively.  Effective networking is not the topic of this article. Return on Investment is. On the point of education, if you are learning material that you are using in growing your business and I  mean really using then that is part of the good return on investment formula. If you are a professional student, you are not growing your business and that is not a good return on your investment.

What Are Your Best Networking Tips? – Please Comment!!

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The First Quarter Ends Soon – Are You On Track Track To Achieving Your Goals?

Achieve Your Goals With A Proven Process for Success

Achieve Your Goals With A Proven Process for Success

As soon as I post a headline like the one above along with this chart most people are thinking money.

Goal Achievement Is Not About The Money

If it is not about the money, then why is there so much focus on the money? Because income is the one objective statistic of results achievement. Everyone I work with tracks more than 5 statistics on a daily weekly basis intended on moving them toward their income goal. These statistics are measured and graphed. The graph tells us the condition of that statistic and we can then apply an action based on the condition. For example if the action is to communicate with relevant groups on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn a target is set for how often this will be done. The target is set along with all other action steps based on the persons time availability considering other goals.

What Other Goals?


As an example at the start of the this year I renewed my commitment to achieving my ideal weight. A month into this year I really had not made much progress. Then I noticed a group formed to achieve healthy weight management and lifestyle goals. I joined. Now one month later I have made great progress to achieving my goal. It looks to me like I will hit my goal in 2-2.5 months. Like in business there are key statistics I am tracking and not just my weight. So the logic we use in business is applied to other goals that we define as being important. I coach people on related goals if they want that help along with achieving their business goals. Normally goals in the areas of health, family, spirituality become increasingly important topics when income goals are not being achieved.

Great Steve But What About You – How Are You Progressing Toward Achieving Your Goals?

This is a fair question as I should be a demonstration of my coaching process working. I already addressed the progress of one major goal. In the area of my own business performance, I have not been on track in January and February. Toward the beginning of February, I took action intended to move my results close to or ahead of plan. I am happy to say there has been significant progress in the past three weeks and I can see the statistics I track showing me I am moving in the right direction now. There is more to do. However the stats I track tell me actions needed.

The Secret Sauce

1. Why – your why statement for each goal is very important. My Why Statement was the first document I developed before starting on my plan to achieve my ideal weight. This was supported by like minded people. Being in the group I am in is very valuable. In business having a clear why and having a coach makes all the difference. I know you think I am just saying that because part of my business is being a coach. If that is your view nothing I write here is going to change that. I do suggest you take a poll of successful people and ask them if they have worked with a coach and did it help them.

2. Statistics – tracking and graphing stats is so important. The graph tells you what to do. This is at the foundation of my coaching and is the biggest advancement I have made in my career. I learned this in the Stats Seminar led by Meir Ezra

Now It Is Your Turn

If you are not on track – what are you going to do about it and when?

No Hype – No BS – Just The Facts

Results-Guaranteed“I stand behind everything I present and say related to business. If I guarantee the results – I guarantee the results. What I write and say is totally authentic and accurate. If I discover something that was written or said is incomplete or inaccurate, you will hear the correction from me.”

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Steve Pohlit, International Business  Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach

Steve Pohlit, International Business
Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach