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Does Anyone Else Attract Really Simple Ideas That Make You Feel Stupid?

Steve Pohlit International Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach, Real Estate Investor, Business Builder MLM

Before I Start – This is for the benefit of the people seeing this who do not know me:


What I do:

Business Coach
Business Consultant
Real Estate Investment Coach
Real Estate Investor
Business Builder MLM

I have more than 30 years experience most of that is incredible experience. I have helped many people with my coaching and consulting work. The number one skill I teach in building any business is networking.

Simple Opportunities Where I Missed The Mark

1. When I first started my real estate investment firm I was not interested at all in residential rental property.  Not smart. Today I am marketing opportunities that deliver more than 15% net annualized rate of return on an annual basis. At that rate your money doubles in about 6 years. The important point is I didn’t see the total turnkey model. Now I do and I love it.

2. I network for real estate deals and funding for deals. I coach people who want to be real estate investors on how to do this. The process works very well. I never advised my clients to have a side venture opportunity to promote when networking for real estate.  I missed that simple idea.

3. I included in my book “Building Business Profits Fast” the advantages of being with a quality network marketing firm (MLM) I am a great product user of MLM companies. Recently I wrote about my experience activating my distributorship with a MLM company. It started with the call “Steve I am having a networking luncheon to share leads for our primary businesses and discuss a side venture. Will you come?” That was it – an amazing hook focused on my primary business and then I could see the link to the MLM business. Amazingly simple and yes I thought” wow I never thought of that”.

Linking This All Together

I coach on the importance of networking and how to do that for maximum results. By default if you are networking then you are connecting with people  all the time. When I am focused on real estate I will simply inject sometime in the conversation something to the effect of here is what I am currently focused on with  real estate deals and related funding. Since my MLM company is in the nutrition and health niche and specifically focused on the major health areas of diabetes. cholesterol, and obesity I will weave that into the conversation. My goal is to link all of this to the importance of residual income then I simply want to know their level of interest in any or all the areas I am discussing.

Bottom Line – I Didn’t See The Connection of Business, Real Estate and Network Marketing (MLM)  – simple yet I did’t see it. Now I do.  If your primary business is not linked to building wealth and residual income I highly recommend a complimentary coaching session with me to evaluate your strategic direction.

For your success

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Major Points from The Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki

After listening to the CD I found the entire presentation on YouTube. It is 27 minutes long and absolutely worth your time. The major takeaways for me are

  1. Develop a mindset that is bigger than your problems.  Part of what that means is if you have $50,000 in debt and are making $40,000 annual income you are likely going to have a very difficult time getting out of debt.
  2. Focusing on having a job is more and  more risky because of advancing technology and world wide competition, people are not willing to pay the wages that have been paid in the past.
  3. Residual income is more  than a stream of money.  It has future value and because of that it can be handed down or sold .  Rental property income is one example if the income is greater than the operating expenses and the cost of building improvements that are ultimately needed. Robert Kiyosaki became an advocate of mult level marketing  (MLM, network marketing, direct sales) when he was shown how that model helps a lot of people.  People are only helped when there is very good leadership, training and a consumable product that needs to be replenished each month.
  4. MLM is not a get rich quick scheme.  When a person develops a plan that often means working the business part time to start, they are well served by understanding achieving an targeted income stream can take 3-5 years.

Robert explains two different quadrants in this video. One is the different sources of income and the other is the different types of  people.  You will understand why he is a major advocate of not just being a business owner but an owner of a business where there is the power of leverage. Leverage means benefiting from the actions of many without having the overhead and facilities needed by a traditional business.  On the types of people he is very clear he wants to work with people who want to win. Winners understand they will not please everyone.

Enjoy the presentation


The Keys To Success

If you would like more information contact me. I will show you how the professional approach to this business could very well be very good for you.

Steve Pohlit International Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach, Real Estate Investor, Network Marketing Business Builder

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The Gold Formula tm Works In All Areas of Your Life

Success Mastery: The Gold Formula tm

What is Gold in The Gold Formula tm



First the formula is A-P=V (A minus P equals V)

This formula works for everything in your life. The gold is in the variance because it tells you what to do. If the variance is positive do more of it. If the variance is negative, fix it.

You cannot have a variance without a plan and you cannot have a variance unless you measure your actual results against your plan. Can You See That?

Here is a video I did on this topic:



The Gold Formula tm is at the foundation of my coaching program , my business and my own personal health plan

Let’s discuss how you can apply The Gold Formula tm in your business and life. Contact me to schedule a complementary coaching call. I am Steve Pohlit and I stand 100% behind my Results Guaranteed Coaching program.

Steve Pohlit International Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach

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Joining A New Direct Sales (MLM) Company Surprised Me – My Why May Help You

My primary focus is real estate investment, business coaching and real estate investment coaching. Those areas plus publishing articles to help people along with writing my next book have my agenda very full.

Was It Bait and Switch?

A very successful business friend whose office is about 20 minutes from my home called me and said ” Steve I am hosting a weekly networking meeting where people are openly promoting the leads they need for their primary business. In addition we will be discussing a side venture opportunity. I would like you to come.” My reply ” we need to catch up on what we are doing in real estate. Will there be time to do that?” “Steve come an half hour earlier and let’s do that. ”

So was this bait and switch? No we did exactly what was promised and I loved it.

Additional Background

I was in the friend’s network marketing organization in the past. He made $20 million I may have made $1000. I have been in at least 5 other MLM companies including two that I wrote about in my book Building Business Profits Fast. I have made almost no money in this industry. However I still am a big fan and product user of 4 companies. With that track record you can see why looking at another “opportunity” was not high on my bucket list.

Fast Forward

The networking meeting was great. We shared leads. I met an attorney who is talking with me about some lucrative real estate deals in Clearwater Florida. I am discussing the potential buy of four commercial property deals with my friend who invited me to the meeting. If I want to learn how to play tennis I have a connection to a tennis pro. If I need a nurse ….well you can see how this is going.

The Key Questions

I was very clear with my friend “I have never made any money in this industry and you have re-energized your participation in this same company at least once and then it faded. Now you are doing it again. Why should I pay attention?” His response “Steve the company has simplified the comp plan and made it much more lucrative. I only need three people and I already have two. I want you to be the third and I will help you build. I will coach you on the right things to do so you are successful.”

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I also commented that since this is a health and nutrition based company (that I know quite well actually) and with the proliferation of companies like that how is this any different. He said ” Steve as you know, the company is focused on the three most prominent health issues today: cholesterol, diabetes, obesity. Their track record in these areas is amazing. Several of the products are in the Physician’s Desk Reference manual – the bible for doctors. But Steve this is not about the products. My involvement now is about the business and I am here to build a very big organization that improves their health and develops a growing residual income stream. I know residual income is important to everyone. So Steve my inviting you is about working with you to make a lot of money with the credibility of the company and the products at the foundation.”

Bottom Line

I know the company, I know the products, I know the guy who invited me to take a look. Their integrity is flawless. So I asked what is the investment? $169 to start plus a one time fee of $40. Knowing that I get a product pack worth $169 my risk is $40. Plus I know one of the products I need to be taking again regularly. Easy decision.

Next Step

Leaving the meeting I called a pharmacist friend of mine who for the past 10 years has not been interested in any business opportunities. I simply said “we have huge skills. We have both come a long way since we met in 1994. I would love for us to work together and build this business.” He said “I will text you what you need to complete the registration” And that is how I began following my decision to join this company.

The Keys To Success

The formula for success is actually in this story. If you would like more information contact me. I will show you how the professional approach to this business could very well be very good for you.

Steve Pohlit International Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach

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Success Mastery: The 5 Pillars of Business Success

Success MasteryWhat happens when you apply the 80:20 rule to the actions that must be completed to achieve stellar revenue and profit growth?

These Results:

Extraordinary profits

Harmonious work environment

Continual positive growth in revenue and profits that far surpasses your competition.

How do you achieve these goals?

Take a look at how most companies are run and don’t do what they do. People in most companies spend the majority of their time on activities that have little or no impact on building revenue and profits.

Your Focus!

First there are only five (5) areas of business that need your attention. Hold out your hand and look at your fingers and thumb – 5. Now follow with me on this because I am not in a room with you to reinforce the point. Hold out your hand and assign each of the (5) pillars as follows:

1.Sales – thumb
2.Gross Margin – index finger
3.Expenses – your “flip em” finger
4.Working Capital – next finger
5.Employees – pinky

80% of your time as an owner or CEO should be spent on these 5 pillars and 80% of the 80% should be spent on Sales (includes PR, marketing) and Gross Margin – the first two.  I will add that it is not just the current day’s or week’s performance. As founder you are the leader of these organizational divisions and most of all you are responsible for the strategic expansion of the business.

Normally there are minimal issues with managing liquidity and if any area of expense begins to be out of balance, it doesn’t hurt much while you are bringing it back in line.

When you are achieving extraordinary sales and gross margin, everyone wants to work for you. Of course there is a very precise technology in hiring the right people and having them become successful.

Again there is a precise technology to be used in each of the five pillars that is outside the scope of this article. However, if you focus on marketing, PR, sales and margin you will likely be doing very well while you fine tune the entire organizational structure toward your perfect business model. 

Nearly every article published at expanded upon the management of components of the five pillars. In most cases, the information contains practical advice that you can implement beginning today.

I have found that if the concepts are not actionable quickly and do not yield positive results quickly, people lose interest. It is no different than an exercise program.

If physical exercise is too rigorous, too demanding or takes too much time, it will not be sustained over time. Running a company is no different. The process must result in continual positive feedback as to progress toward achieving measurable goals.

Right now list the top 3 issues that are holding you back from making breakthrough profits in your business. Then start devoting at least 80% of your time solving those three issues. Once solved, do it again and keep doing it. Simple stuff.

For Your Success!
Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
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Trump e1345082132859 Success Mastery   Simple Actions To Jump Start The Profit Performance of Your Business

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Success Mastery – Simple Actions To Jump Start The Profit Performance of Your Business

Build Business ProfitsOne of the simplest and most valuable things to do is look at your business from the perspective of your customer. If you have a retail store, shop it or hire a mystery shopper. If you have a customer service center, call them. If you develop information products that you sell on line, ask your customers 90 days later how they have benefited from the product and what else they would like to have seen included. If you have a membership program, and someone drops out, stay in touch to find out what it takes to get them back.

Recently I discontinued a membership program where I was paying a lot of money each month – much more than $100. I have not received one call or even one email asking me why. This is really amazing considering how much money it takes to get a person to sign up for the basic plan yet alone the plan I was in.

Here is another very valuable suggestion.   Follow Your Instincts! I have said this before and will be saying it in many articles in the future. Every client I have worked with knew the fundamental solutions to the issues they asked me to help them with. For a whole host of reasons they didn’t act and accepted inertia. In nearly every case the solutions were obvious and intellectually simple.

Right now list the top 3 issues that are holding you back from making breakthrough profits in your business. Then start devoting at least 80% of your time solving those three issues. Once solved, do it again and keep doing it. Simple stuff.

For Your Success!
Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
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Trump e1345082132859 A Very Surprising Outcome To A 2 Minute Presentation

Steve Pohlit, International Business
Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach

PS Be sure to check my Results Guaranteed Coaching program.

A Very Surprising Outcome To A 2 Minute Presentation

My 2 Minute Presentation

I advise all coaching clients and through forums like this to be very clear about what will help you. I implement what I advise so last night at a real estate investment association meeting in the Tampa Florida area I made two very short announcements

1. I acknowledged the coaches in the room then said the fastest way to grow a successful business is by working with right coach. I referenced my Results Guaranteed Coaching Program where most of the coaching fees for a real estate investment client are paid from the profits of real estate transactions that I coach them on finding.

2. I was somewhat hesitant to talk about the real estate deals in the pipeline since all of them for me are in other states. However I proceeded with emphasis on a  turnkey bulk buy opportunity plus a single family turnkey opportunity with cash on cash returns of between 14.5% and 17% .I love this model because your money is working  well for you with really great returns secured by the home.  The link for more information on the Turnkey Residential Property Opportunities Click Here 

Finally I asked the following:

Looking for a 3/2/2 with an in- ground pool for a lease option deal in the Sarasota market

Does anyone know of a good source of money – below 10% interest rate.

All the above was done in about 2 minutes and here are the results:

One person said he wanted me to coach him.

One person said he had $100,000 to put to work on the turnkey properties and wanted more information

I have lead on the Sarasota lease option request

I have a lead on the money request

Nothing Happens Until You Move! What Do You Think Would Have Happened Had I Not Gone To That Meeting or Attended The Meeting and Didn’t Say Anything?

Thank you,
Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
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Trump e1345082132859 The First Quarter Ends Soon   Are You On Track Track To Achieving Your Goals?

Steve Pohlit, International Business
Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach

– See more at:

How Your Book Helps Build Your Business – Google Hangout with Steve Pohlit and Alan Bechtold

During this Google Hangout you will learn 22 ways your book helps you make a lot of money without even selling one copy. This presentation addresses all major barriers to book writing and publishing. Alan Bechtold is an expert publisher, editor and marketer. This was a great wake up call for me to implement more of his 22 points and publish my second book. Get your paper and pens ready you are about to experience some very valuable information.

Steve Pohlit