Does Anyone Else Attract Really Simple Ideas That Make You Feel Stupid?

Steve Pohlit International Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach, Real Estate Investor, Business Builder MLM

Before I Start – This is for the benefit of the people seeing this who do not know me:


What I do:

Business Coach
Business Consultant
Real Estate Investment Coach
Real Estate Investor
Business Builder MLM

I have more than 30 years experience most of that is incredible experience. I have helped many people with my coaching and consulting work. The number one skill I teach in building any business is networking.

Simple Opportunities Where I Missed The Mark

1. When I first started my real estate investment firm I was not interested at all in residential rental property.  Not smart. Today I am marketing opportunities that deliver more than 15% net annualized rate of return on an annual basis. At that rate your money doubles in about 6 years. The important point is I didn’t see the total turnkey model. Now I do and I love it.

2. I network for real estate deals and funding for deals. I coach people who want to be real estate investors on how to do this. The process works very well. I never advised my clients to have a side venture opportunity to promote when networking for real estate.  I missed that simple idea.

3. I included in my book “Building Business Profits Fast” the advantages of being with a quality network marketing firm (MLM) I am a great product user of MLM companies. Recently I wrote about my experience activating my distributorship with a MLM company. It started with the call “Steve I am having a networking luncheon to share leads for our primary businesses and discuss a side venture. Will you come?” That was it – an amazing hook focused on my primary business and then I could see the link to the MLM business. Amazingly simple and yes I thought” wow I never thought of that”.

Linking This All Together

I coach on the importance of networking and how to do that for maximum results. By default if you are networking then you are connecting with people  all the time. When I am focused on real estate I will simply inject sometime in the conversation something to the effect of here is what I am currently focused on with  real estate deals and related funding. Since my MLM company is in the nutrition and health niche and specifically focused on the major health areas of diabetes. cholesterol, and obesity I will weave that into the conversation. My goal is to link all of this to the importance of residual income then I simply want to know their level of interest in any or all the areas I am discussing.

Bottom Line – I Didn’t See The Connection of Business, Real Estate and Network Marketing (MLM)  – simple yet I did’t see it. Now I do.  If your primary business is not linked to building wealth and residual income I highly recommend a complimentary coaching session with me to evaluate your strategic direction.

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