Joining A New Direct Sales (MLM) Company Surprised Me – My Why May Help You

My primary focus is real estate investment, business coaching and real estate investment coaching. Those areas plus publishing articles to help people along with writing my next book have my agenda very full.

Was It Bait and Switch?

A very successful business friend whose office is about 20 minutes from my home called me and said ” Steve I am hosting a weekly networking meeting where people are openly promoting the leads they need for their primary business. In addition we will be discussing a side venture opportunity. I would like you to come.” My reply ” we need to catch up on what we are doing in real estate. Will there be time to do that?” “Steve come an half hour earlier and let’s do that. ”

So was this bait and switch? No we did exactly what was promised and I loved it.

Additional Background

I was in the friend’s network marketing organization in the past. He made $20 million I may have made $1000. I have been in at least 5 other MLM companies including two that I wrote about in my book Building Business Profits Fast. I have made almost no money in this industry. However I still am a big fan and product user of 4 companies. With that track record you can see why looking at another “opportunity” was not high on my bucket list.

Fast Forward

The networking meeting was great. We shared leads. I met an attorney who is talking with me about some lucrative real estate deals in Clearwater Florida. I am discussing the potential buy of four commercial property deals with my friend who invited me to the meeting. If I want to learn how to play tennis I have a connection to a tennis pro. If I need a nurse ….well you can see how this is going.

The Key Questions

I was very clear with my friend “I have never made any money in this industry and you have re-energized your participation in this same company at least once and then it faded. Now you are doing it again. Why should I pay attention?” His response “Steve the company has simplified the comp plan and made it much more lucrative. I only need three people and I already have two. I want you to be the third and I will help you build. I will coach you on the right things to do so you are successful.”

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I also commented that since this is a health and nutrition based company (that I know quite well actually) and with the proliferation of companies like that how is this any different. He said ” Steve as you know, the company is focused on the three most prominent health issues today: cholesterol, diabetes, obesity. Their track record in these areas is amazing. Several of the products are in the Physician’s Desk Reference manual – the bible for doctors. But Steve this is not about the products. My involvement now is about the business and I am here to build a very big organization that improves their health and develops a growing residual income stream. I know residual income is important to everyone. So Steve my inviting you is about working with you to make a lot of money with the credibility of the company and the products at the foundation.”

Bottom Line

I know the company, I know the products, I know the guy who invited me to take a look. Their integrity is flawless. So I asked what is the investment? $169 to start plus a one time fee of $40. Knowing that I get a product pack worth $169 my risk is $40. Plus I know one of the products I need to be taking again regularly. Easy decision.

Next Step

Leaving the meeting I called a pharmacist friend of mine who for the past 10 years has not been interested in any business opportunities. I simply said “we have huge skills. We have both come a long way since we met in 1994. I would love for us to work together and build this business.” He said “I will text you what you need to complete the registration” And that is how I began following my decision to join this company.

The Keys To Success

The formula for success is actually in this story. If you would like more information contact me. I will show you how the professional approach to this business could very well be very good for you.

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