Major Points from The Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki

After listening to the CD I found the entire presentation on YouTube. It is 27 minutes long and absolutely worth your time. The major takeaways for me are

  1. Develop a mindset that is bigger than your problems.  Part of what that means is if you have $50,000 in debt and are making $40,000 annual income you are likely going to have a very difficult time getting out of debt.
  2. Focusing on having a job is more and  more risky because of advancing technology and world wide competition, people are not willing to pay the wages that have been paid in the past.
  3. Residual income is more  than a stream of money.  It has future value and because of that it can be handed down or sold .  Rental property income is one example if the income is greater than the operating expenses and the cost of building improvements that are ultimately needed. Robert Kiyosaki became an advocate of mult level marketing  (MLM, network marketing, direct sales) when he was shown how that model helps a lot of people.  People are only helped when there is very good leadership, training and a consumable product that needs to be replenished each month.
  4. MLM is not a get rich quick scheme.  When a person develops a plan that often means working the business part time to start, they are well served by understanding achieving an targeted income stream can take 3-5 years.

Robert explains two different quadrants in this video. One is the different sources of income and the other is the different types of  people.  You will understand why he is a major advocate of not just being a business owner but an owner of a business where there is the power of leverage. Leverage means benefiting from the actions of many without having the overhead and facilities needed by a traditional business.  On the types of people he is very clear he wants to work with people who want to win. Winners understand they will not please everyone.

Enjoy the presentation


The Keys To Success

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