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Writing Your Definiteness of Purpose Is A Great Start – Then What?





Definiteness of Purpose is a phrase made popular by Napoleon Hill in his books including his most popular one Think and Grow Rich.  I have recently been focused on this because I am reading a fantastic book by Hill that was withheld from publication for 70 years.  The name of that book is “Outwitting The Devil”  I highly recommend all of Napoleon Hill’s books and Outwitting The Devil is certainly included.

What Does Definiteness of Purpose Mean?

Let’s start with definiteness.  One definition I really like is “the quality of being predictable with great confidence” defines definiteness as exact, precise.  So for me definiteness of purpose means an exact statement of your purpose or a precise statement of your purpose, or you are confident in your statement of  your purpose. Do your own work on this so you are clear as to what definiteness of purpose means for you.

What Is Your Definiteness of Purpose?

I have written mine and refer to it often. It is close to me where I do my self development work. I never had written this clearly until earlier this year. Once I did things began to move forward more quickly for me. It took me a lot of reflection before I was able to write it.  I kept asking myself if I had all the money I could possible want how would I spend my time?  That is a good place to start if your definiteness of purpose is not clear to you.

Definiteness of Purpose Is The Guide To Prioritizing You Daily, Weekly Monthly Intentions

This week I have purpose be spending time first thing in the morning being clear as to the outcome I am intending to experience today. Those  intentions  for the day are linked to my definiteness of purpose.  Now I go about my day taking action.  While I am following what I think I should be doing – calls, meetings, marketing, I have noticed especially this week what seemingly are disconnected events.  But they are not. These events, calls and emails mostly are totally linked to my intentions and purpose. The difference is they were not planned by me.  The other thing that happens with clear intentions is I get new ideas.  Ideas are messages from God and especially so when those ideas are in sync with my intentions.  Ideas can come in many  forms.  Neale Donald Walsch writes in Conversation With God  they may be in something you read, hear, on a billbord or some other media.  You will know the difference between an ideal you are to pay attention to and information or data noise.

The Final Step – Taking Action

Nothing happens until something moves.

In Summary

Definiteness of Purpose

Remember Nothing Happens Until You Move!

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How To Achieve Your Goals and Be Happy Along The Way

Most of us have heard the words to the effect “it is about the journey and not the destination”. That can be really challenging to accept when you can clearly see the destination and it seems to be very distant. Here is the key – one step at a time in the direction of your intended outcome with you being passionate about the outcome.

I have a client who has a retail business. He bought this business and he was comfortable with what to do because he had worked in the business for a number of years before having the opportunity to buy it. My job was to help him advance his skills in running a business. The measurement of project success is higher revenue and profits.

Break Up Goals Into StepsWell into the coaching program, he told me he really didn’t like the products that he sold. With that energy or lack of energy he was not doing the fundamental steps of an owner. I asked him that if he sold or closed down this business what would he do. He said another business selling products or services to customers. I then showed him how everything we were working on was needed to be done in any business. I further advised him that the best exist strategy was to strengthen the business results since that is how he would get the best purchase price for the company.

Today his sales are becoming increasing stronger and he has renewed energy for the business. What happened? First he started tracking key statistics. That alone often will result in business increasing. As business began to pick up he began to see new opportunities for creative display and pricing of product. He started spending more time himself with customers and got more ideas. So instead of continuing to spiraling downward, the trends reversed. Today he installing new systems software and implement several important marketing action plans.

The product line didn’t change. What changed was how he viewed the business and what he was learning about running any business that he decided to go into. Actually he is looking to add a new location and add a new product line that will appeal to his existing customer base.

How did he move to being happy about what he was doing? 1. He began to see the opportunities with the business that he had 2. He began following very clear advice and experienced positive results. Where is he on goal achievement? When we started like I do with every client we agreed on what would be the measure of success for the coaching program. Right now as a rate of sales, he is beating that goal.

Intellectual Understanding Does Not Mean You Will Implement 

Another client told me recently  the number one benefit of my program was keeping them focused on what is important.

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