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Writing Your Definiteness of Purpose Is A Great Start – Then What?





Definiteness of Purpose is a phrase made popular by Napoleon Hill in his books including his most popular one Think and Grow Rich.  I have recently been focused on this because I am reading a fantastic book by Hill that was withheld from publication for 70 years.  The name of that book is “Outwitting The Devil”  I highly recommend all of Napoleon Hill’s books and Outwitting The Devil is certainly included.

What Does Definiteness of Purpose Mean?

Let’s start with definiteness.  One definition I really like is “the quality of being predictable with great confidence” defines definiteness as exact, precise.  So for me definiteness of purpose means an exact statement of your purpose or a precise statement of your purpose, or you are confident in your statement of  your purpose. Do your own work on this so you are clear as to what definiteness of purpose means for you.

What Is Your Definiteness of Purpose?

I have written mine and refer to it often. It is close to me where I do my self development work. I never had written this clearly until earlier this year. Once I did things began to move forward more quickly for me. It took me a lot of reflection before I was able to write it.  I kept asking myself if I had all the money I could possible want how would I spend my time?  That is a good place to start if your definiteness of purpose is not clear to you.

Definiteness of Purpose Is The Guide To Prioritizing You Daily, Weekly Monthly Intentions

This week I have purpose be spending time first thing in the morning being clear as to the outcome I am intending to experience today. Those  intentions  for the day are linked to my definiteness of purpose.  Now I go about my day taking action.  While I am following what I think I should be doing – calls, meetings, marketing, I have noticed especially this week what seemingly are disconnected events.  But they are not. These events, calls and emails mostly are totally linked to my intentions and purpose. The difference is they were not planned by me.  The other thing that happens with clear intentions is I get new ideas.  Ideas are messages from God and especially so when those ideas are in sync with my intentions.  Ideas can come in many  forms.  Neale Donald Walsch writes in Conversation With God  they may be in something you read, hear, on a billbord or some other media.  You will know the difference between an ideal you are to pay attention to and information or data noise.

The Final Step – Taking Action

Nothing happens until something moves.

In Summary

Definiteness of Purpose

Remember Nothing Happens Until You Move!

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Why Send Out Cards Is My Number 1 Choice

Steve Pohlit International Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach

What Is Send Out Cards

SendOutCards is a young , debt-free company based in Salt Lake City, UT that offers users an amazing experience  by enabling them to send a physical greeting card  via the mail, straight from their computer, as easily as one can send an email.  Yes it is very easy to send a card and even very easy to create your own card with pictures you choose that are stored first on your computer then uploaded to your account on the Send Out Cards system. I personally love that feature and use it almost exclusively now.

The entire service is internet-based. Users can log on from any computer, anywhere in the world! SOC offers a constantly-updated catalog of over 13,000 cards in a myriad of categories to choose from OR a personalized card can be created using ANY digital image, logo, photo, etc.! Users are able to write messages in their own handwriting, using a submitted handwriting font with FOUR personal signatures… or customize a preset font with color, alignment and size options! Users can choose to include photos inside the card, as well! And the best part? Each card costs about 25% of  the price of a store-bought card and SOC prints it, addresses the envelope,stamps it and mails it for you! YES!

Why Is Send Out Cards My Number 1 Choice?

1. Sending a card feels really good. Everyone loves to receive a card. Often times I will include a gift from the growing collection books, food items, specialized gift baskets and more that is really easy to just click and add to the card that is being sent out for you.

Sending Positive Energy With Send Out Cards

2. For business, this is the best relationship building tool outside of a face to face meeting that I know of.   Nothing compares to sending a card for making an impact….nothing.!

3. Never forget a birthday, anniversary or other important dates.

4. Your entire holiday card list is taken  care of with a push of a button from your computer.

5. Did I mention how good you will feel when you send out a card.  I am participating in the gratitude challenge and I can’t say enough about it.

6. So my number one choice for a relationship building strategy is Send Out Cards because I feel great doing it and people love it.  Yes I recommend this for direct marketing campaigns.

7. There is a business model with Send Out Cards…it is a Network Marketing Company. It is the only Network Marketing Company where the cost of the product is actually less than a comparable product from a retail store and in many cases much less!

8. This is the only business opportunity I know of where the marketing is done by sending someone a card and expressing gratitude or wishing them a happy birthday. I mean “How Cool Is That?”


Send A Card For FREE On Me!!

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