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Introducing A Great Business Where You Can Build Lucrative Business Profits Fast – Very Low Investment

Work On Who You Need To Be To Achieve Your GoalsFirst Point

I am focused in this article on the entrepreneur that is serious about building their own business profits fast when they have very little money.  If money is not an issue for you, pay close attention because you can likely move faster. Please note you will not be required to spend more money monthly   Also note you can make very good money before investing  more money after your investment which is less than $300.


This is not about some get rich overnight scheme, it is not MLM and for the record I have a lot of respect for that industry.  You do not have to have some special education but you need to be open to the training you will need to be successful. It is not hard but you do need to gain an understanding of the getting started program. I am not detailing all of that here. You will get that information should you decide you want to be serious about this business.

Success Mastery Professional and PersonalThe Formula for Major Business Success

  1. When you have a product that solves a big problem that is backed by significant research and development and widespread use but very few people in the US know about it, then you have found a diamond in the ruff.
  2. When all the systems and support are in place so all you need to do is introduce the information on what the product does, then you are connected with the diamond mine not just the product.
  3. When all benefit favorably; The mine, the jeweler and the person buying the jewel. Can you now see the importance of the jeweler understanding the value of the diamond and being able to solve the problem of the buyer showing them the product is exactly what meets their needs?

This Is Not About Diamonds, 

This about an  incredible product more valuable than any commodity including precious gems. It is about a product that is changing people’s health. Nothing is more valuable than a person’s health – nothing!

The Gold Formula tm

The Gold Formula tm

More About The Company and The Product 

The company is 18 years old and well known in Europe It is almost like a  start – up in the US, but far from it. All who become part of this venture are on the ground floor of this opportunity.

The product is not on trial. Backed by proven results and significant science and medical experts.

The product solves a huge problem in the health and wellness niche.

I will direct you to a lot more information if you are interested. Please be serious and again you do not need to have an special experience. Your age does not matter as long as you are over 18. Both woman and men are most welcome.  Medical professionals, athletes are welcome, You can do this part time or full time. If you are in MLM there is no conflict with your business. You can get started for $290. 

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Closing Stores and Cutting Expenses Is Not The Formula for Building Business Profits Because Those Actions Are Not The Cause

ExcellenceWhen you look at the data and the results it is easy to understand why a business is successful and another one fails. Amazon continues to expand what it offer and levels of service. They are obsessed with getting it right and your satisfaction. I am a Prime member and I think it costs about $79.00 a year. What that gets me is free shipping and fast delivery. I recently ordered several items that I use regularly the prices were better than Sams Club and delivered right to my door in 2 days. It is amazing service and that is the key to success in business.

Have you been to a Radio Shack lately? See the point? Relentless attention to delivering what the customer wants is key. For the record I am not knocking the helpful attitude of people who work at Radio Shack. In fact their willingness to help is generally far greater than what you will find at most retail stores. However, look at the rest of the picture of customer service. I have never received one email from Radio Shack and I am a customer. I receive emails from Amazon everyday. Because Radio Shack does not communicate with me I have no idea of what they are recommending or promoting and they have no idea of what I think of their service. On the other hand Amazon asks me to rate every transaction.

I am not an insider to Amazon and do no work for them. I would make a strong bet they have statistics on all areas of performance and are consistently looking for ways to improve. In reading articles about and interviews with Jeff Bezos, my impression is he operates at the level of founder as well as anyone in the world. He focuses on what will Amazon look like three to five years from now and even beyond. Most executives have no idea as to the precise roles of a founder, CEO and CFO. Most companies follow traditional organization structure and classical organization behavior still taught in most business schools. If those principles worked, companies like Radio Shack and others would be thriving.

Is there an absolute fool proof roadmap. My answer is yes with one qualification: people must use and implement it. Want to know more? Call Me.

Steve Pohlit Professional Speaker, Published Autho

Steve Pohlit, Professional Speaker, Published Author, Coach, Real Estate Investor

Steve Pohlit

Give Someone A Multi-Million Dollar Business For Less Than $250.00

Multi - Million Dollar Business How in the world could anyone have yet alone give away a business that can drive millions of dollars of income each year at a cost of $250.00?

Actually the cost may be $0 or even possible you get a check for giving away this multi- million business.

Is This Possible?

Yes and there is proof of many having this experience.  I know a man who gave his wife this business and she has earned over $4 million. OK  I  know a lady who offered to pay for the opportunity to learn about this business then started  and earned several million dollars. There are many more stories like this.

What Is The Catch?

There is no catch. There is the possibility  that when a person receives this gift because they didn’t have to pay for it, the don’t  follow the script that will result in them not driving their earnings into the seven figures.  It is like being gifted  a successful store and then never opening the doors so people could continue buying.

What Do I Need To Know?

1. This is a legitimate business that offers fantastic products that are great for improving your health and helps you back to your prime.
2. By following the script and with our help you can earn enough money in 30 days so your next product shipment is free for you and you begin to deposit cash in your bank account.
3. If you want this gift to grow to a multi-million dollar business then you must commit to this being a full time business for you. Yes there are action steps you must take for this to happen. The wonderful part is all of those action steps can be done by anyone and all of them are a lot of fun for someone serious about achieving their multi- million dollar income goal.

Will You Give This Business As A Gift To Me?

I am already gifting people to help then fuel the growth of their business. Your opportunity is to buy one for yourself and buy one for your spouse, your children, a friend whom you want to work with. My job is to help you and whoever, you bring in with you achieve results fast. I am happy to do that if you agree to do that for the people you bring into the business.

Next Steps

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Does Anyone Else Attract Really Simple Ideas That Make You Feel Stupid?

Steve Pohlit International Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach, Real Estate Investor, Business Builder MLM

Before I Start – This is for the benefit of the people seeing this who do not know me:


What I do:

Business Coach
Business Consultant
Real Estate Investment Coach
Real Estate Investor
Business Builder MLM

I have more than 30 years experience most of that is incredible experience. I have helped many people with my coaching and consulting work. The number one skill I teach in building any business is networking.

Simple Opportunities Where I Missed The Mark

1. When I first started my real estate investment firm I was not interested at all in residential rental property.  Not smart. Today I am marketing opportunities that deliver more than 15% net annualized rate of return on an annual basis. At that rate your money doubles in about 6 years. The important point is I didn’t see the total turnkey model. Now I do and I love it.

2. I network for real estate deals and funding for deals. I coach people who want to be real estate investors on how to do this. The process works very well. I never advised my clients to have a side venture opportunity to promote when networking for real estate.  I missed that simple idea.

3. I included in my book “Building Business Profits Fast” the advantages of being with a quality network marketing firm (MLM) I am a great product user of MLM companies. Recently I wrote about my experience activating my distributorship with a MLM company. It started with the call “Steve I am having a networking luncheon to share leads for our primary businesses and discuss a side venture. Will you come?” That was it – an amazing hook focused on my primary business and then I could see the link to the MLM business. Amazingly simple and yes I thought” wow I never thought of that”.

Linking This All Together

I coach on the importance of networking and how to do that for maximum results. By default if you are networking then you are connecting with people  all the time. When I am focused on real estate I will simply inject sometime in the conversation something to the effect of here is what I am currently focused on with  real estate deals and related funding. Since my MLM company is in the nutrition and health niche and specifically focused on the major health areas of diabetes. cholesterol, and obesity I will weave that into the conversation. My goal is to link all of this to the importance of residual income then I simply want to know their level of interest in any or all the areas I am discussing.

Bottom Line – I Didn’t See The Connection of Business, Real Estate and Network Marketing (MLM)  – simple yet I did’t see it. Now I do.  If your primary business is not linked to building wealth and residual income I highly recommend a complimentary coaching session with me to evaluate your strategic direction.

For your success

Steve Pohlit
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Major Points from The Business of the 21st Century by Robert Kiyosaki

After listening to the CD I found the entire presentation on YouTube. It is 27 minutes long and absolutely worth your time. The major takeaways for me are

  1. Develop a mindset that is bigger than your problems.  Part of what that means is if you have $50,000 in debt and are making $40,000 annual income you are likely going to have a very difficult time getting out of debt.
  2. Focusing on having a job is more and  more risky because of advancing technology and world wide competition, people are not willing to pay the wages that have been paid in the past.
  3. Residual income is more  than a stream of money.  It has future value and because of that it can be handed down or sold .  Rental property income is one example if the income is greater than the operating expenses and the cost of building improvements that are ultimately needed. Robert Kiyosaki became an advocate of mult level marketing  (MLM, network marketing, direct sales) when he was shown how that model helps a lot of people.  People are only helped when there is very good leadership, training and a consumable product that needs to be replenished each month.
  4. MLM is not a get rich quick scheme.  When a person develops a plan that often means working the business part time to start, they are well served by understanding achieving an targeted income stream can take 3-5 years.

Robert explains two different quadrants in this video. One is the different sources of income and the other is the different types of  people.  You will understand why he is a major advocate of not just being a business owner but an owner of a business where there is the power of leverage. Leverage means benefiting from the actions of many without having the overhead and facilities needed by a traditional business.  On the types of people he is very clear he wants to work with people who want to win. Winners understand they will not please everyone.

Enjoy the presentation


The Keys To Success

If you would like more information contact me. I will show you how the professional approach to this business could very well be very good for you.

Steve Pohlit International Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach, Real Estate Investor, Network Marketing Business Builder

Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
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The Gold Formula tm Works In All Areas of Your Life

Success Mastery: The Gold Formula tm

What is Gold in The Gold Formula tm



First the formula is A-P=V (A minus P equals V)

This formula works for everything in your life. The gold is in the variance because it tells you what to do. If the variance is positive do more of it. If the variance is negative, fix it.

You cannot have a variance without a plan and you cannot have a variance unless you measure your actual results against your plan. Can You See That?

Here is a video I did on this topic:



The Gold Formula tm is at the foundation of my coaching program , my business and my own personal health plan

Let’s discuss how you can apply The Gold Formula tm in your business and life. Contact me to schedule a complementary coaching call. I am Steve Pohlit and I stand 100% behind my Results Guaranteed Coaching program.

Steve Pohlit International Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach

Steve Pohlit
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NEURS Delivers On The Three Components of Every Successful Business – Concept, Connections and Capital – Team Version

Please Note: I am NEURS Independent Affiliate. The following are my views and opinions. The following is offered so you can see for yourself and form your own conclusions if this make total exciting sense to you like it does to me.

NEURS Fills the Void In the Business Development Arena .

The Neurs Platform is perfect for entrepreneurs, business owners, professionals -coaches, consultants, accountants, virtual assistants, lawyers – anyone offer services to businesses. The Neurs Platform is also perfect for anyone wanting to help people in their network learn how to set up their own business and what business model best suits them. Because of the high value offered all are rewarded by being part of the company’s affiliate compensation model.

Check It Out For FREE

You will not be asked for any payment information – no CC no PayPal nothing.

(Click Here Enter Affiliate Link Here ) and take a close look.

The Video At This Link (Click Here – Enter Affiliate Link ) is clear. The following are highlights of what you will discover.

There are three components of every successful business. 1. Proof of Concept – Is the business viable for YOU? 2. People – your team and customers 3. Capital – money. NEURS ofers all three components of this success formula.


It may seem obvious that the product of your business must make sense and be in demand by your target customers. There is actually something more important than market demand. For example, let’s say you own a steakhouse that successfully competes with the upscale steakhouse brands and in fact your restaurant is preferred by everyone to those name brands.

Sounds great right? There is one problem. For quite sometime you have been mostly vegan and are repulsed by people who are opposite your value system – the very customers that mean you are able to take of you bills and family.

Can you see where this is going? Is it likely your business will eventually be in trouble?

What if you had guidance in matching your personal makeup to the business types you are most likely to succeed? Welcome to NEURS


Networking is the most powerful way to develop nearly every business With on line networking it is hit or miss as we look to connect with like minded people. NEURS solves this dilemma as everyone there is like minded. And “everyone there” now means people from every country – yes every country.

The other dimension of connections is professional services including CEOs, company executives, very successful entrepreneurs, consultants with at track record, marketing experts, attorneys, accountants, and many more. All of these people compliment NEURS

How do they do this? First they publish content that enhances NEURS business training courses. Next they are a pool of resources for entrepreneurs and business owners. What a great place to qualify a provider of services you need by seeing how they rank based on the content they share.

Why Do Providers Spend Any Time With NEURS?

First NEURS is a valuable source of clients and next by recommending NEURS to their network just as I am doing, we build affiliate residual income.


The NEURS platform includes a network of people and companies offering capital for business development and growth. A great example is Michael Hutchison who led the meeting where I learned about NEURS. He is an Angel Investor. Actually he wanted to help fund NEURS and they don’t need the money at this time. NEURS did hire him as an adviser. Hutch as he prefers to be called is a great guy and I have direct contact with him. All who accept my invite – yes this is an invite will benefit from the insight and training offered by Hutch.

If You Have Read This Far and have not decided to check NEURS out for free then call me. I will help you as best I can see the enormous value in this Platform. All who accept my invite will receive another message detailing the amazing affiliate compensation plan.

Again Click Here Now to check it out for FREE (Enter Affiliate Link)  – you will not be asked for a credit card or any method of payment.

Thank You

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The Link Between Dan Kennedy's Clarity and Steve Pohlit's Accelerated Accountability System

In Dan Kennedy’s most recent book “No B.S. Wealth Attraction In The New Economy”  Dan writes about Clarity. The first sentence of this chapter is “It’s instructive to ask business owners how much money they expect to receive today, tomorrow, next week.”  Dan delivers a no holds barred punch that most people go through life with no clear picture and plan of what they intend to accomplish and learn.

After reading Dan’s book including the section on Clarity, I realized just how well my Accelerated Accountability System supports the discipline of defining and tracking your progress in the area of business development. This particular system is one I fined tuned from my work as a consultant with a major firm, CFO of several large companies, entrepreneur and coaching well over 100 business owners.  I have taught this system to live audiences across the US and Canada.

Success Stories

This system is the one I use with all my coaching clients and is the tool that accounts for numerous success stories within in just months of beginning coaching. There are quite a few people who are making hundreds of thousands of dollars this year following years of making little or nothing.  Are they uniquely skilled? No they have a business with products or services that people want and they are following their coaching direction that includes daily use of the Accelerated Accountability System.


Now you may be thinking there is a price attached to this system.  You may already be thinking that you would like to see how this works but money is tight right now so you probably won’t be able to afford it.  The following articles are free and the sample schedules on how to use this system are also free.  What is not free is your time that you will spend on doing this work.  However, you should receive a huge return on your time investment.

Articles: The Accelerated Accountability System Is All Three Steps

Step 1: Prepare An Executive Summary

Step 2. Build A Financial and Transaction Plan

Step 3: Fast Start To Success

Email Me: With Sample Schedules in The Subject Line. You must include your complete contact information. Full name, mailing address, description of your business and phone number.


The reality is most people will not do this work or if they do start it they will not continue. The exception is people who work with a coach. If you consider this a pitch for hiring me, you are right. I am accepting six new clients next for coaching that begins next week.  There are no long term contracts.  Coaching entrepreneurs and small business owners can usually be successfully done by phone.  For more information Email Me now and tell me about your business. Be sure to add Business Coaching in the subject line.  Include your complete contact information and I will schedule a 20 minute complimentary call to determine how we can work together for the benefit of your business. I only accept clients who I am confident I can help.

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About: Steve Pohlit CPA,MBA has been the CFO and COO of  major domestic and international companies.  Steve has extensive business ownership experience having purchased and started off line and on line businesses.  Steve offers his  business building experience to companies and entrepreneurs with business coaching and business consulting.  His  focus is on building business  profits and net asset value at above average rates.   All articles published by Steve unless specifically restricted may be freely published with this resource information.