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How Thousands of Hours Over 17 Months of My Time Can Literally Change Your Life

How Thousands of Hours Over 17 Months of My Time Can Literally Change Your Life

17 months ago I began learning about about the body.  I thought I already knew a lot as I am a person who has been very focused on health and wellness most of my life.  I don’t know when I realized it but I came to understand that no matter how much wealth I achieved, none of it mattered if I was seriously ill or dead.  Thinking about that I said I don’t even want to have a cold. So now you understand the reason for my focus on being healthy.

This article is about encouraging you to join my team.  Note: because this is an information share approach. If you love what you are doing  you don’t  have to change that to be on my team. I will show you how to introduce this life enhancing technology and leverage the team so that in very little time you will be building your own team of customers and partners.  From personal experience there is nothing more rewarding than knowing you helped another improve their health.

I Was Shocked To Learn The Facts The Medical Community Largely Does Not Know.

In September 2015 a friend called me and asked me if I would take a look at some information he wanted to send me and that was the start of my education  about our circulatory system. I learned that most medical professionals do not generally know how our blood circulates in the micro vessel or  capillary system.

I Am Amazed That This Technology  Has Been Known For More Than 18 Years

Internationally scientists have been looking at the increasingly rates of success using this technology  back as far as 18 years and in the US we hardly know about it. That is changing  and those who join my team now will experience significant health and financial benefits.  This is not an MLM compensation structure.  It is actually much better and I am happy to show you why.

When You Join My Team You Will  Have 17 Months of My  Experience and I Will Give You My Fast Start To Success System So You Can Help Others Experience Better Health  Energy and  More

This is so new in the US that when I started I had all the support that was available. Nearly all leaders where from other companies and still figuring out what would work best for us in America. So I learned about the results of what people were experiencing and then why. I then had to figure out how to connect those dots. The major challenge I had and still do is the restrictions on what I can say in a public forum like this.

Have I figured it all out? Certainly not but here is what I can tell you.  First when you are at the point where you understand how valuable this  system is for your health then I will work with you on many ways to share the message.  You will not have to originate the information because I have the messages – emails, articles, videos and most important of all you have my experience and the experience of my network that is tremendous.  All of these resources are part of my Fast Start To Success System and you get it when you join my team.

My Team Does Not Sell Anything. We Simply Share Information.

People are largely misinformed about about what really works to improve our health. Most have part of the formula but few have the complete picture.  We close the information  gap and introduce people to a very important component for restoring energy, mental  clarity, REM sleep and much  more. I refer to this process as educational marketing.  First we share with people the facts about our blood circulation system then we show them why the FDA approved Class 1 medical device we represent works so well to help them.  Once they see how valuable this is and understand there is nothing else in the world like it, most become even more interested

Three Major Things Will Happen For  You When You Join My Team and Use My Fast Start To Success System

  1. Your health will improve
  2. You will be making a significant positive difference in the health of others
  3. You will be rewarded financially. Some are experience significant financial success  quickly

Next Step Is Easy – Contact Me 

Steve Pohlit, Independent Distributor
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The Happiness Formula tm Interview With Gary King

Join me live for this shocking  interview with Gary King on his soon to be released book The Happiness Formula tm. I used shocking because while we quickly became friends when we met over three years ago, I was spell bound reading the manuscript of this book. Gary’s life story is filled with amazing accomplishments and honors, and many unthinkable nightmares, yet he ventures forward with the heart and soul of a victor. We are going to explore how he moved past the nightmares to where he is today guiding all of us on being The Happiness Formula

I have included more about Gary after the registration link below.

Register Below

Date: Thursday May 19, 2016 at 8 pm Eastern

Dial In Number and Access Code

You will receive the dial in number and access code when you register. That information comes immediately to your email box so look for it. Note registration is free and all those who register will receive the recording and a special gift that will be announced at the end of the interview.

I will tell you right up front  you expected.

You will be amazed at what will happen following the release of this book because of how powerful it is.

The Happiness Formula

More About Gary

Gary King is a speaker, author, and successful entrepreneur. His background is diverse and exhilarating including professional powerboat racing; internationally known artist and sculptor, honored by President Clinton; and General Manager and Vice president of sales and marketing in the television industry.

Gary has successfully owned and operated King Marine Engineering since 1972 adding King Productions International in 1981. He is an expert in event production and logistics producing and directing some of the largest motor sports events in the Tampa Bay area including the 2001 APBA Offshore Powerboat World Championships.

Along with his personal company accomplishments, Gary contracted as Director of Security, Road Manager, Operations Manager and consultant to Anthony Robbins and Robbins Research International for the over 25 years.

Thank you
Steve Pohlit

Success Acceleration: How To Make Thousands Fast and How To Make This Next Year Your Best Year Yet

Roger Salam Welcome everyone to this recording of a very special webinar. I promise to deliver content that will help you personally and professionally. I further promise that we will have fun along the way.

To Your Success

PS If you have any questions please email me – just click here Email or you are very welcome to call Steve Pohlit who organized this webinar at 727-587-7871

Special Note from Steve: Be sure to pay close attention and in particular to the following:

1. You are responsible for your success>
2. Why real estate is the IDEAL business. Wait until you see the actual example presented.
3. There are two ways to learn – which one will you use?
4. Empowering Beliefs
5. Five fundamentals of real estate investing.
6. The only three things you need to be successful and money is not one of them.
7. Successful marketing today
8. The new paradigm today.

…..and there’s more Now, get focused, have a pen and notebook and get ready to learn and feed you mind with valuable and positive content.

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Steve Pohlit IBusiness Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach, Real Estate Investor, Business Builder MLM

Steve Pohlit IBusiness Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach, Real Estate Investor, Business Builder MLM

Almost Always There Is Just One Barrier To Massive Positive Breakthrough In Your Business

barrier to successWhat is your barrier?

  • Sales
  • Capital
  • Team
  • Systems
  • Experience
  • Knowledge

The answer will depend on what stage your business is at.  In the real estate investing business, I have devoted a substantial amount of time to understanding the components of a successful transaction. I coach and implement the principles of networking in person and on line.

Early on my barrier was understanding and then finding good deals.  Then my barrier was matching up actual performance with projections and figuring out why there were some major variances.  Now that I have been through that learning curve, the number one barrier to explosive profitable growth is equity deal partners.

Once clearly defined, my focus goes to work on breaking through that barrier.  This is a very important point I am sharing: you must define what is most important today for achieving massive profitable growth. Otherwise you won’t focus on it and if you don’t focus on it you will not solve it.

How am I breaking through this barrier?

1. Acknowledgement – writing about the barrier is part of acknowledgement

2. Confront – this is an issue so what is my plan of action including a clear definition of what an equity deal partner means

3. Define and Implement An Action Plan – in summary, step up the communication of my goal,  in person and wherever I am visible including on line.

4. Be Clear As To The Benefits for An Equity Deal Partner – that is part of my communication strategy

With that let me begin with this: We (my team) are looking to work with a strategic equity deal partner.  The partner should have direct access and decision making authority over $10 million minimum. This partner can expect to participate in real estate deals where the annual rate of return on their investment is projected to be  40% or higher. In most cases the return will be much higher.

An equity deal  partner participates in most deals with a lender. Lenders are always first secured. However, our equity deal partner will only be presented deals where there is a substantial profit opportunity which means their equity will be well secured by the underlying asset.

That is part of my message. You can see where I am headed with this.

The Fastest Way To Move Forward Is By Working With A Mentor Who Has The Experience Breaking Through Barriers

I have several mentors and I assure you they are very important in my life. Am I the right coach for you?  I would not know until we explore that idea.

Results Guaranteed 300x227 My Number One Suggestion For  A Business Start Up   Bonus: There Are Two Special Offer: 1 complimentary coaching call plus one call a week for 6 weeks -7 calls total. I have priced this to be affordable for nearly everyone and if money is your issue I am open to a JV. Start now and in one month or less you will see results guaranteed!


Call me now 727-587-7871Trump My Formula For Success Has ExpandedSteve Pohlit 727-587-7871#businesscoach #profits #business consulting #realestatecoach

Networking Results in Just Two Days – High ROI

Networking Is The Number One Action I of My Build Business Profits Coaching Program

“Results Guaranteed ….Your Success Is My Business tm”


This is a big thank you to Larry Horbolt’s weekly meeting for real estate investors – new and seasoned.  Monday night there was an in-depth discussion on the rules and regulations related to tenants. On of my real estate deal partners has developed a very good real estate turnkey business and part of that model involves having a qualified tenant in the property. Well I learned a great deal about what we need to be paying attention to and while my partner knows many of these things we need to have a very tight control system in place for this part of the model. Now we will.

I had not been at this meeting for more than a year because of a heavy travel schedule plus lame excuses. I will never know what I missed. I guarantee you I will be at more of the meetings going forward.

Bonus: at the Monday meeting I learned about a Tuesday meeting near my home with a topic of high interest.  Read on….


Ellen Petracco who is a real estate agent and property manager with Value Properties of Central Florida  was at the Monday meeting and handed out flyers for the Tuesday meeting at her company’s office.  The featured topic was Social Media Marketing and SEO by Ginger Rocky-Johnson – The Spice Girl of Tampa Bay

I consider myself to be very experienced with these subjects. However I am not an expert. Social media marketing represents tools that I advice clients on using as part of the actions steps for Building Business Profits With that I did not have expectations of learning a lot new.

To My Surprise, I Learned A Lot of New Stuff For Me About Social Media Marketing

Ginger was helped by her daughter who works with her and they did a terrific job of providing very valuable information. I will soon write another article highlighting the primary things I learned.

None of  These Great Lessons Would Have Happened Had I Not Gone To These Networking Events

…..and I met a lot of great people including people who may help me further grow my real estate business and coaching.

Thursday Coaching Advice

Like all other marketing, it is very important to evaluate your networking return on investment.  In most cases networking investment is measured in time. You time is your most valuable asset.  If you are continually going to the same meetings and events and not growing your business income as a result then you need to look at who you are networking with assuming you are networking effectively.  Effective networking is not the topic of this article. Return on Investment is. On the point of education, if you are learning material that you are using in growing your business and I  mean really using then that is part of the good return on investment formula. If you are a professional student, you are not growing your business and that is not a good return on your investment.

What Are Your Best Networking Tips? – Please Comment!!

Steve Pohlit Real Estate Investor, Business Consultant, Business Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach

Remember “Results Guaranteed ….Your Success Is My Business tm”
Steve Pohlit, Managing Partner
Steve Pohlit International LLC
US Real Estate Partners LP
Tampa Capital Partners
Author Building Business Profits Fast


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PS Watch This – Enjoy Watch This Now

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Success Mastery : Education and Coaching

Success Mastery: Education and Coaching

Success Mastery It is a dilemma – a conflict – a source of stress. What is it? Business owners, those who are employed by others and those currently challenged to restart earning money in my experience think they need more education. So they register for courses, seminars, books and recordings.  They stress because they do not have time to learn all the materials  they invested their time and money in. This stress leads to a repeat cycle we call the shinny penny syndrome. This is where the next newest book, seminar, software seems to be the answer.

During a very recent meeting where I was suggesting the person invest in coaching, I learned he was financially challenged because he had spent $45,000 in the last two years on courses. First let me say I am not opposed to the investment. I consistently make similar investments in my own self development. However as this money was spent on real estate investment courses, I know that for less I could be guiding him to finding a deal fast, get it funded and have him “in the money” in 4-6 months meaning making more than what he spent on coaching.  Again I am not saying the materials being sold out there suck in all cases. I am saying people need to take action and be held accountable for achieving success as they define it.

The word success is defined many ways. Some say it is a large bank account. Others say success is freedom to do what they want when they want. I have received no less than twenty different definitions when I have asked this question of audiences when I speak.

Before I continue I would like to reach an agreement with you which is: nothing I write is true unless it is true for you. I learned this agreement from my friend Meir Ezra and I love this agreement and use it now more frequently when I write and coach.

If you are in agreement with me on truth, then I offer you this definition of success:


Success is the experiencing of your ever expanding potential and helping others do the same.

Think about that and I will expand upon that in a future article. In the meantime, please click here and register now Even if you cannot join us at one of the cities,  there are many benefits for you.

For Your Success,

Steve Pohlit, International Business
Turnaround and Real Estate Investment Coach

Steve Pohlit

Author of: Building Business Profits Fast
International Business Turnaround and Development Consulting
Real Estate Investment Consulting
Executive Coach

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PS :  I am very happy to share with you the link where you can get your copy of   “The Remarkable  Results of The Enthusiasm Factor In Business and Entrepreneurship”     instantly for FREE.  Click Here and get yours now.

Meir Ezra – The Master of Success

Sharing the best ideas for achieving success in all areas of your life.

When I first heard the words “you cannot fail when you follow this system” I was beyond skeptical. After spending hundreds of hours in training and working with the knowledge base taught and coached by Meir Ezra, I know he is right. Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself

Register for The Genius In Business Tour Taught By Meir Ezra Now!

Meir “walks the talk” His purpose is to help many people and dramatically increase the rate of business success. He owns more than 20 companies – very large and successful ones all around the globe. He and his family are long standing supporting community residents of Clearwater, Florida. Personally, I have never met anyone who is as fun to be with and especially consider his leve of success.

The next event where Meir is teaching (and he does all the teaching) is coming up fast. There are very valuable benefits to registering even if you are not able to attend this one. You will begin to see some of them right after you register.

Click Here Now for All of The Details Including Meir’s incredible Guarantee!


I look forward to seeing you at The Genius In Business Event

For Your Success

Steve Pohlit

Steve Pohlit with Meir Ezra

Steve Pohlit with Meir Ezra

The Secret To Beating Business Profit Plans

“Steve, I am so grateful for how you have helped me understand my business and how to achieve profitable growth. “

…This comment is direct from one of my clients whose 2010 profits are on track to exceed plan by at least 50%. Exceeding plan by 50% is worth nearly $350,000. This is one very happy client and there are many more.

What is the one component that every successful client says is the reason they are achieving business profit goals?

The answer is consistently taking action on those areas of their business that make the most difference in growing business revenue and profits.

How do successful business owners and managers consistently guide their companies to outstanding profit performance?

Most have a business coach/mentor who guides them on remaining focused and holds them accountable for taking the right action.

When I look at the difference in business performance among the clients I coach it always comes down to taking directed action or not.

What does directed action mean?

Directed action is a sequential path of steps that achieves business revenue and profit goals.  It is common for business owners to actually be experienced in what to do but are not consistently implementing.  In other cases, they are taught what to do and always held accountable for taking action.

As a business consultant and executive coach with very valuable experience running companies owned by others as well as my own companies (click here for my resume) I know what works and even more importantly I know the mistakes most  make.

What is the number one mistake made by business owners and managers?

That mistake is thinking they are the only one who can do what needs to be done.  I am always working on the mindset with the people I coach of leveraging tasks that must be done and training them on effective leveraging of those tasks.  I address the mindset of the person running the company. In the case of businesses working with employees or contractors, we are consistently looking at ways to have everyone become more valuable by leveraging tasks to less costly people or technology.  Systems, meaning the way people work and the tools they use are the key to effective leveraging.

A Program That Fits Most Budgets

If you want to be successful with any business, work with an experienced business consultant/coach who will guide you to building business profits faster than you ever imagined.  I am an expert business consultant/coach. I have a program that will fit most budgets. Email me now and tell me about your business. Include your complete contact information and I will schedule a 20 minute complimentary call to determine how we can work together for the benefit of your business.

Steve Pohlit

Business Consulting, Executive Coach
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Temporary CEO, CFO, Controller Services

Social Media Services
New Digital Media, Inc.



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About: Steve Pohlit CPA,MBA has been the CFO and COO of  major domestic and international companies.  Steve has extensive business ownership experience having purchased and started off line and on line businesses.  Steve offers his  business building experience to companies and entrepreneurs with business coaching and business consulting.  His  focus is on building business  profits and net asset value at above average rates.   All articles published by Steve unless specifically restricted may be freely published with this resource information.