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Forex Trading For You -Actual Results – Fantastic – 8-16-17

Completely Passive Is My Preference – You Can Choose The Do  It  For You Service and You Can Choose To Be Active  As Well

Achieve Your Goals With A Proven Process for Success

I have two primary businesses that take most of my professional time. I am pitched new opportunities all the time and generally pass all of them because they require time.

A short while ago I was introduced to a financial platform by a man I know personally and highly respect. While all the information was exciting, the one thing that caught my attention was the do it for you part.  I could see where I did not have to do anything if I did not want to.   I joined.

Results As of August  16,2017  This Will Be Updated Regularly.
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On June 8, 2017  I started tracking my results daily. Today is 69 days later and my return is 55.5%. Technically the return is higher. I am using simple math to calculate the return. That 55,5% is my return for 69 days. Since this is trading platform there cannot be any guarantees this trend will continue.  Yes the trend could change and with that it could be better.  Today my account balance is $3,175.

Please note this is all done for me based on how I set up my account.  The  only time I spend on this is updating my information and sharing that with people to encourage them to see if this makes sense for them.  The minimum you need to get started is about $350. To set up your account like I have you will need $1270.

For my complete account on Excel Email me stevepohlit@gmail.com In the subject  line write “Show Me Steve”

For more information on the Company and services Please visit http://bit.ly/2vO7IBK

​If this interests you I will help you through the complete set up process. I will  make sure you are setting it up correctly. The big items are  to use the name exactly as it appears on your credit card and you have two items to verify your ID Those two items are your drivers license and a recent bill with your name and address on it. All this information must match. Remember you are setting up an account with a trading platform broker and a trading platform for trades. If you follow the instructions then the set up will be easy and you only have to do this once.

One Final Point 

My results are from using a specific company expert.  You will need $1000 minimum in your account to use that person.  This is Forex trading for you if you follow what I do.  The services include a Forex academy and more if you want to learn trading . It is not cryptocurrency.

I am very happy I decided to do this. That is real money in my own broker account. The money is not with the company. The money is yours and is with a qualified licenced broker. There are many to choose from.   It is exciting and I hope you decide to take a close look to see if this makes sense for you.

Contact Information

Steve Pohlit

Cell: 727-224-4743

Email: stevepohlit@gmail.com