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Make Money From Your Phone Not Selling Anything – In Less Than 30 Minutes A Day

In my entire business career I never imagined me writing a headline like this one” Make Money From Your Phone Not Selling Anything – In Less Than 30 Minutes A Day”  I have seen so many pitches like this and there was always some catch that just meant it was not going to happen, I just did write that headline because I know now it is true.

I was introduced to a company that said:1.  I would have to do nothing to make money or, 2. I could do a little bit and make more. Finally there is option 3 – I could also go through their training program and learn to do what they do.

I wanted no part of number 3 as I am busy enough with businesses that I love. Then they said we will prove it to you by giving you a demo account which means I can see the impact of live transactions but I  am risking none of  my own money.

Note I cannot guarantee results. The results reported here are my actual results. The average results reported by the company  are actual numbers. Do people lose money? I am sure they do and I  will bet they do not follow the expert guidance.  

I was intrigued and decide to see if this was true. After paying a modest registration fee to access their technology I set up my demo account. The fees to get in range from $149-$235 depending on what is selected. I chose $235 because that is where I have access to the “do it for you experts”  Wow I am glad I did that

I set my demo account up for $50,000 In five days my account is up as I type this $10,000. Let that sink in.  I have had fun with this especially since it takes very little time.

Another Note: I know very little about trading Forex.  Will I learn more – maybe but with these systems I leave it up to the experts and love it 

I am getting ready to fund my live  account which means I am preparing to be involved with my own money.  I can use a credit card to do that. I do not advice you to do that if you do not have at least some play room on your card.

The way their  system works is all risk is closely managed. Can you lose? Yes I have lost on some transactions but the gains have far outweighed the losses.  Biggest thing for me is I am developing the discipline to just follow the system which is important when I activate my live account.

Here is a practical reference point for you. Based on past experience Starting with $500 in your account you  are likely to make $350 on that in one month. If you are able to do $5000 then your forecast is $3500. Yes there are people coming in with $50,000 and more.

Next Steps

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2. The best way to understand all this is to get started. if you are ready to set up your demo account – There are a few steps involved and I can help you with that The first step is to select your package (I highly recommend the pro package that is where you get the do it for you programs) and register Just Click Here 

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